Friday, June 22, 2012

Names (CultSha Expo)

Naming something is important. I've played a part in picking 4 children's names and a last name and it's a tricky business with lots of different factors to take in account. Naming inevitably has unforeseen consequences. When the RTCC awards were created, no one involved foresaw what that acronym would prompt and now (and probably forever more) the awards are saddled with a nickname that for some is a silly joke, others is a derisive putdown, and still others just an amusing sidelight.

I expect a lot of thought and study went into choosing Virginia Repertory Theatre as the new moniker for the Barksdale / Theatre IV mashup. I've heard discussion among some people who are confused, others who are disapointed, and still others who like the crisp, conciseness of "Virginia Rep."

Which is all lead-up to a quick discussion of the CultSha Expo. First off, everyone should go. I expect anyone reading this probably already is planning on going because your organization has a booth or a performance there. Anyone else not in that category should go because it's going to be a lot of fun and a great chance to see previews and highlights of the work that a bunch of organizations are doing.

The name, however, is confusing, particularly if you don't know the origin of it. CultureWorks is trying to create a committed group of local arts patrons, called Cultural Shareholders, which they've shortened to "CultSha" members. I think it's kind of clever but it's another one of those things that people may be confused about. Confusion shouldn't keep anyone away from the event though. Check out the line-up -- there's going to be a lot of cool things happening. Take a break from the pool and come on down!


debra said...

I always thought the RTCC nickname just meant that we should not take ourselves too seriously. Celebrate what we do, raise money for the Artist's Fund, "Life is just a bowl of cherries", etc. Which isn't bad advice really.

Anonymous said...

Dave, while we in the community know that you are not fond of the acronym that has taken hold in our hearts for the RTCC Awards, you should know that it IS with love and playful humor that we use it. People look forward to said acronym usage every year, and if anything, you should be proud something you created spawned something that most of us use in an affectionate manner.