Monday, June 11, 2012

I tried

Yoda famously said, “Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.” As silly as most of Yoda’s twisted syntax is, this is actually an aphorism I’ve taken to heart. But sometimes resolve cannot overcome inertia when it comes to emotional affairs.

Which is all to say that I tried to care about the Tonys. Really I did. I read predictions and previews and, even though I knew I was going to miss it live, I dutifully taped it and sat down to watch from the top perhaps 80 minutes after the broadcast began. Neil Patrick Harris – loved him. Cute bit from “Book of Mormon” to start the show. Energetic dancing from “Newsies” that seemed to confirm that every exceptional male dancer in the tri-state area got cast in this show.

But the “Follies” number had me fast-forwarding; same with the “Ghost” scene. Somewhere along the line I’ve grown allergic to Matthew Broderick and I sped through a lot of the “Nice Work” number too. “Jesus Christ Superstar” is one of my favorite scores of all time but I wasn’t fond of the electric blue Judas. Even with the great low-key jokes (Mustafa headdress!), I lost interest quickly and finally chose slumber versus more acceptance speeches.

I’ve still got the whole show on the DVR. And I’ll probably get back to it to watch the details of the “Once” sweep and watch NPH’s closing number – always a highlight. But the problem is that I didn’t see any of the shows in contention. “Once” opened 3 months ago, “Clybourne Park” less than 2. Even when I advocated a trip to “JCS,” my family was not interested. Besides the somewhat prurient cross-media interests – both Amanda Seyfried and Hugh Jackman from the “Les Mis” movie were there! wouldn’t it be interesting if Andrew Garfield won right before “Spiderman” opens? – I didn’t have an investment in anything going on.

Sorry to be a Tonys party-pooper. I think I need to arrange my life better so next year I can go to the Triangle Players’ Tonys party so that, even if I don’t care about the show, I can enjoy the company and the ambiance.

Can anyone tell me if I missed anything truly spectacular so I can fast-forward directly to it?

Also, Ms. Lewis at the T-D didn't seem totally enthralled with "Cymbeline," which opened this past weekend. Did you see it and what did you think? Beyond this one review, a more important development for RichShakes will probably be this new partnership with St. Catherine's, a good strategy to ensure long-term strength for the company IMHO.

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