Wednesday, April 11, 2012


At least one person caught on to my ruse yesterday, that I was posting a version of The Liar’s Paradox. The first line of the post was a lie – “One of the lines in the following posts is a lie” – but simultaneously not a lie. Seemed like a fitting tribute to Henley Street’s latest production, which by the way received a rave from Style’s Rich Griset this week to match the one in the T-D.

There is also another preview of “Scorched Earth” in this week’s Style. You can’t hardly look anywhere (in Richmond print media, at least) without seeing something about this show. Which is a good thing since Barksdale is clearly rolling the dice with this one, it being a world premiere and all, not to mention a big, meaty drama with a big cast. I was always told in marketing that you had to get someone to see a mention of something new or unfamiliar at least 5 times for it to register in their memory. This piece in Style (or the one in the T-D or the one in Richmond magazine…) may be the mention that pushes the show out of the subconscious into their conscious, ticket-buying mind. I guess we’ll see.

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