Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just the Links, Ma’am

My day just went haywire so I’m going to just have the chance to post the links related to what I planned to talk about, instead of actually talking about them. Feel free to talk among yourselves.

My profile of Matthew Mitchell is in this week’s Style.

Two not-so-positive reviews of “Scorched Earth” have come out recently, Mr. Griset’s in Style and Ms. Jewett’s on I found Ms. Jewett’s “Critical Thinking” post interesting and, for me at least, very relatable.

The Broadway production of “Streetcar” starring near-local star Blair Underwood didn’t get any love from the NYTimes.

Any local actors/dancers looking for far-flung opportunities, Royal Carribean is holding auditions in Williamsburg. FYI.

Finally, an interesting piece in the NYTimes this past weekend about the Tonys and why there are so many Broadway openings happening this month.

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