Monday, September 26, 2011


All three of the Times-Dispatch freelancers who cover theater were busy this past weekend. Ms. Haubenstock reviewed Henley Street’s “Merchant of Venice,” Ms. Lewis took a ride in “Becky’s New Car” out at Hanover Tavern and Ms. Wren gave some context to the Mill’s “Keep on the Sunny Side.” That’s a pretty impressive flurry of theater coverage.

I’ll be offering some thoughts on “Merchant” as early as tomorrow, perhaps, but I also want to put out a quick endorsement of the local university shows. Both VCU and U of R are kicking off their seasons with extremely interesting productions, “Shakespeare’s R&J” at the former, and “Trojan Women” at the latter. The U of R show, with a cast that includes the enthralling Alex Wiles from last year’s “Arcadia” at Richmond Shakespeare, runs for a tragically short one-weekend run. If you want to get some sense of what you’ll see if you go, see this interview with the insightful and interesting Dorothy Holland.

I know it’s a crazy busy season but these are a couple of productions worth checking out. Pass on the “X Factor” (you’ve see it all before anyway) and go see one of these shows instead!

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Thespis' Little Helper said...

I'm gonna check out both! Or all THREE I should say!

Dorothy Holland is a GENIUS! (And Maggie McGrann is in it, so I'm so there anyway.)

And am really intriuged by this crazy R&J thing (and Maggie Horan and Austin Seay are in them, so again, HELLO! So there!)

Hmmm...I think I just used my entire quota of exclamation points for the week. *Hangs head in shame (but it was worth it)*