Friday, July 15, 2011


I’m a bit wrecked this morning. Did a doubleheader last night of “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” and then “Harry Potter” at midnight. Up and out to work at 8am this morning. Running on caffeine and doughnuts. Gearing up for another gamut tonight. Never a dull moment…

I’ll be ruminating over DRS this weekend and expounding next week. However, I thought it was ironic that I took in Richmond’s blockbuster musical and Hollywood’s blockbuster event on the same evening. My initial reaction to both of them was “Wow!” There is a lot of pizzazz and amazingness in both and scenes that I could not imagine being done any better. And I had a few quibbles with both – minor things that, if I was a grading man, would only knock back an A to an A minus.

But I also have that slight self-critical uneasiness of thinking that the quibbles I have are like being given a delicious feast with variety and enchantment and not being satisfied with the silverware. Both DRS and HP deliver spectacle, wonder, laughs (a hell of a lot more in the former then the latter), and charm. Both are incredibly satisfying entertainment extravaganzas. And I’m really glad I saw both of them – though I’m paying the price this morning.

Which is all preliminary to my real message for today: last chances to see “Wait Until Dark” and "The Odyssey" this weekend and ONLY chances to see “Reasons to be Pretty” by the newcomers at Stage B and the New Voices readings at SPARC. Harry Potter’s going to be running for weeks so, if your time is limited, skip it for now and go see a play.

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