Wednesday, May 18, 2011

30, 31, 32

Reviews of “[title of show]” came out over the weekend, both Ms. Haubenstock at the T-D and Mr. Miller at GayRVA seeming to like it quite a bit. I finished up my review yesterday and it should be in next week’s Style. The best capsule review I can offer is also the simplest: don’t miss this show or you’ll be sorry you did.

This past weekend was a little weird in that seemingly all of a sudden, a big slew of shows were all closing. “Art,” “Honk!” and “Quilters” all wrapped up and, to complete the slew of one-word titles, “Shorts” opened and closed. (For those of you who might have missed it, Ms. Lewis in the Times-Dispatch wrote up “Shorts” and Mr. Miller weighed in on “Honk!” last week). I’m always more aware of openings and those occasional weekends when several shows arrive at the same time and there’s a buzz of new possibilities in the air. Now it’s like a big deflation as I look around and rue the shows I didn’t get a chance to see.

My recent out-of-town adventures allowed me to take in my 30th and 31st shows of the season. Several years ago I started keeping track of the local shows I’d seen during a season and this year I expanded my little spreadsheet tally to include any production whatsoever, including staged readings and out-of-town shows (I only counted the Radio City Xmas Spectacular once, even though I saw most or all of it at least 4 times). So “[title of show]” became the 32nd production I’ve seen this season, the 23rd local professional production.

Twenty-three was the total number of local pro productions I saw last season so I’m certainly going to beat that number this year. I’m looking ahead and thinking I could possibly make it to 30, particularly given that the Firehouse will have two shows in rep that I haven’t seen (thanks, Firehouse!). Even if I make it to 30, that’ll mean 39 productions overall for the year which will fall short of the 2008-2009 season when I saw 35 local pro productions and 5 non-pro ones.

Forty productions. That means that, on average, three weekends out of the four in the typical month I went to see a show. I’m not tooting my horn here or anything. It’s just a little staggering when I look at the numbers. Even more staggering to me is that I know people whose theater consumption dwarfs mine (looking at you, Ms. Haubenstock!) How do they find the time?


philcrosby said...

Thanks for that short and sweet review, Dave! We are thrilled and cannot wait to read your complete throughts in next week's Style!

Susie said...

I have plenty of time for theater because I have no full-time job and my kids are grown!

Dave T said...

Susie, you are also clearly a theater-lover. I know plenty of people who don't have a full-time job and no kids in the house and they don't make taking in the fine arts a priority. You do, which is a credit to your passion for the subject that goes beyond your part-time job.

Also, confidential response to anonymous commenter: some things I'd prefer keeping out of the public forum. If you are interested in my perspective on the person in question, please email me at davetline at aol dot com.

Thespis' Little Helper said...

Rock it out!!!

Anonymous said...

Shakespeare R&J will also be directed by Stephen Fried. There is a female cast and a male cast. Arabian Nights has been replaced with Elephant Man and will take place in Hodges Theater as opposed to Barksdale.