Monday, September 14, 2009


I made it (barely) to the CenterStage open house on Sunday and, like most everyone else I've talked to, was enchanted by what I saw. The Carpenter Theatre is truly gorgeous but the other funky spaces are what particularly tickle my interest. The Gottwald Theatre and Rhythm Hall are the kind of flexible but beautifully designed venues that can be used for a myriad of interesting and exciting productions. While the Carpenter dazzles the senses -- and I can't wait to see a performance there -- the other spaces spark the imagination, IMHO.

I have a couple CenterStage magnets prominently stuck on my fridge now. The key to the whole enterprise, of course, is now that we have these beautiful spaces in Richmond, can the productions that are put up there draw audiences reliably, regularly, and sufficiently. We have the magnet; will the people feel the force of the attraction? I really hope so.

Speaking of attraction, "Boy's Life" is attracting accolades from everyone I've talked to, and that sentiment is reflected in Ms. Haubenstock's glowing review in Saturday's T-D. Seems like this is another Firehouse season opener that is full of magnetism!

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Andrew Hamm said...

Look for a piece upcoming in the Washington Post on the CenterStage opening. It's going to be in the Travel section; not sure when.

The writer, Rebecca Ritzel, was entirely charming on Saturday night, though I have to confess that the fact that she studied the composition of music for Shakespeare in graduate school may have something to do with my high opinion of her.