Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cavalcade of coverage

In the past couple of days, John Porter’s review of “Irma Vep” hit his website; Celia Wren went in-depth on Henley Street’s new Artistic Director, James Ricks; and Julinda Lewis talked about “Souvenir.” Who says there’s no theater coverage in this town? In comparison, a perusal of the Washington Post’s Sunday Style&Arts section doesn’t have a single story about theater (though it does have a full-page story on two Rockville men getting married leading off the wedding announcements, something we probably won’t see here for a while).

My lovely wife, my lovely mother and I had the most infuriating, surreal, and so-ridiculous-it-became-hilarious nights I've ever had at the theater last night, amidst which was Barksdale’s quite fine production of “Souvenir.” I’ll weigh in on the show (and the night) soon but many kudos go out to Debra Wagoner and Jonathan Spivey who held it together admirably during a night full of … um, well, challenges would be putting it mildly.


elise said...

You can't keep us in suspense like this! :)

Susie said...

Would it compare to the matinee I saw today at Woolly Mammoth in DC, with the half-hour evacuation due to a fire alarm? The cast was awesome and came back to do the remaining 20 min. of Act I, a brief intermission, and Act II--and then, of course, got a standing ovation!