Friday, July 17, 2009

Captain’s Blog, Stardate 1600

When it comes right down to it, there are only so many blog-related puns a guy can come up with.

Anyway, I realized today that, beyond my general lack of blogging lately, I specifically have not been giving out much Hamlet love. The show opened last night, I believe, and I expect it is a very fine production, given that it is restaging the very fine indoor production from earlier this year. It’s certain to have at least one bang-up fight, perhaps some stirring melodies offered by Andrew Hamm (and maybe …sigh… Liz Blake), and some great performances. I remember Jeff Cole’s very human lead performance as making this Hamlet perhaps the most relatable I’ve ever seen.

But in one of those strange tricks of memory, the two aspects of the indoor production that stand out in my mind are Timothy Saukiavicus’s portrayal of Claudius and the performance of the old Who song, “Behind Blue Eyes” before the show. I am eager to check out the restaging to see what strikes me this time (hopefully not a stray sword during the climactic scene…)


Frank Creasy said...

"Captains' Blog"...heh...good one!

Grant Mudge said...

Hi Dave--'Hamlet' opens tonight, and for your readers info, the encore 'Midsummer' we were talking about sold out in just 4 days, so we added one more final night of it, Tues, July 28.

I gave Andrew Hamm a little time off (after 'Henry' music, plus directing spring and summer Midsummer's plus Amadeus, he needed a rest!) but you'll still hear great pre-show music from Liz and the band, and indeed Behind Blue Eyes. James Wingo leads a small ensemble; you may have seen him in our 'Cymbeline' staged reading in May.

We're also welcoming Jay Banks as Horatio, the first actor to begin in the Festival Young Company, become an apprentice and then join the professional company.

Last, but not least, we're welcoming the return of LaSean Greene (he was in last year's Compleat Wrks) as Rosencrantz and, after a 5 year break to have 2 children, Associate Artist Shirley Kagan in several roles.