Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Sometimes I write a lot. Sometimes, not so much. A crazy June opened up into a July that has felt like a revolving door for me. When did the lazy daze of summer transition to the crazy days?

Anyway, the stalwarts of Richmond theater carry on regardless of the bitching about my personal life. This week, Style has my story on Night Light’s upcoming “Aloha, Say the Pretty Girls” as well as a great background piece on Richmond Triangle Players new performance space and new managing director.

I had the occasion to speak to the delightful kb saine at Sycamore Rouge yesterday and she’s talking up the positive buzz on “Night of January 16th” which opens this weekend. Somehow, I had it on my schedule that it wasn’t opening until next weekend. Silly me. Anyway, for those who have tried to avoid jury duty in the past, this show should turn that dynamic on its head. People will be hoping to get selected for the jury for this show. Will you be joining me in planning a trip southward for this one?


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful that Night Light Collective is getting this kind of coverage. What a great article! Props to NLC, props to Style and Dave T. for supporting them in this regard, and best wishes to all for a successful run of "Aloha..."

eraserhead said...

Yes, Dave, great story, but I suspect that Kerry's enthusiasm and creativity made it an easy one to write. She is becoming a powerful force in the local theatre community through her personality, talent and vision.

Also, count me as one planning a trip to Sycamore Rouge--Dean Knight is in the cast and he's usually worth the price of admission by himself.

Kerry McGee said...

Everyone has been great in helping support us as much as they can. We're extremely grateful for this kind of PR, now let's just hope it translates into nice large audiences!