Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sad Goodbye

I opened my email this morning to this sad news:

"Richmond's Only Improv Theatre Says Goodbye
ComedySportz Improv Theatre Ending Its 8 Year Run

ComedySportz Improv Theatre announces that they are ending their 8 year run at the Dumbarton Square Shopping Center. The doors to Richmond's only Improv Theatre opened in June of 2001 and have been making people laugh weekly with their anchor show ComedySportz. At this point due to many different reasons it is time to close our theatre. We hope to continue making people laugh again in the future, but at this time we must say goodbye.

ComedySportz Improv Theatre will continue with weekly performances until March 28, 2009. We encourage our Loyal Fans to come out and celebrate in laughter with us as we say good bye."

I'm sure this was a hard decision to make. Best wishes to Christine and her crew out on Staples Mill.


Anonymous said...

I am SO sad to hear that. I have seen some amazing performances in that space. They did a full length, original (non-improv) parody of The Matrix that was just one of the best and most creative shows I've seen. And their homegrown groups like Full Contact and iProv could compete with the best of improv anywhere.

Such amazing and talented people worked there! And Christine created a very loyal family -- some of the ComedySportz regulars literally grew up in that space. I hope all those improv artists find somewhere else to work, or the Richmond theatre/comedy scene will be much poorer.

And Christine was also very supportive of other groups, opening her space to tons of other performances: cabarets, outside improv groups, scripted plays, business meetings, etc.

I personally had some very happy performance and audience moments there. They will be missed. A lot.

pnlkotula said...

Noooo! All my best to Christine and her players.

Anonymous said...

Endless best wishes to Christine, the ComedySportz players, and to this company as a whole. They have brought great laughter and joy to this community, and given so many the best opportunities they've ever had.

There is, however, resilience in laughter and joy...which this group provides infinitely, and which is becoming rarer in form of late.

This whole matter of the Staples Mill location might just pave the way for something even better and more successful for this utterly deserving group. Here's to keeping them in our hearts, prayers, and knowing that there will always be a loving home for them in Richmond, regardless of how things look in this present moment.

Much love and positive thoughts to all involved here...

Thespis' Little Helper said...

In the words of someone great, "That sucks!"

(I'm sure someone great said it at some point.)

Funny Girl said...

Thank you David, Amy, Lisa and all. We can’t tell you how very much we appreciate all your kind thoughts and words. It warms our hearts and spirits to know that you are there, and, as we say prior to each show, have our backs.

We love to bring laughter to people, and over the years we feel we've done that and represented improv and the Richmond theatre community to the best of our abilities.

A theatre is 4 walls, it is a building; a troupe is a community, a family. I believe it was Tony who once sang "Something’s coming, something good, it'll be great". We don't know what it is, but much like our improv, we never do, all we know is we will be ready to say Yes And.

Peace and laughter to you all.

Christine Walters