Thursday, December 04, 2008

Robin's back!

As usual, the line-up for the Barksdale Cabaret starting Sunday the 14th is full of knock-out performers. But I just noticed today that Robin Harris-Jones is scheduled to appear. How cool! Welcome back, Robin!

Read this little item in an interview of Meryl Streep that I thought y'all'd be interested in: "Acting is very satisfying if you can manage to not have your feelings hurt when they don't like you. I haven't really had any breakthroughs in that area. It still hurts my feelings." Wow.

I'm looking forward to "Inspecting Carol" at Sycamore Rouge tonight. And mad amounts of theater this weekend -- woo hoo!


Frank Creasy said...

Nice quote from Meryl Streep. Reflects very well the fine line actors walk between confidence and neurosis, even for those like her that are at the top of the profession.

It's no wonder someone like Sally Field would blurt "You like me, you really like me!", upon receiving an Oscar - being honestly surprised at how respected she was amongst her peers. This is a crazy, crazy occupation.

Robinitaface said...

Thanks, Dave! It's good to be home.