Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Other people's links

I read this review last night about two stage-to-screen adaptations that were just released. Tricky thing, going from live to the big screen. Makes me all the more grateful for the kick-ass production of "Doubt" we Richmonders were treated to last season.

Ms. Tupponce's review of "Wonderful Life" is out and she liked it too. I think we're reaching consensus on this one.

The wonderful Ms. Jones sent me a link to a Sean Pratt posting that talks up the value of critics. So I guess I'm not the only voice crying in the wilderness!

Finally, Mr. Jones has a new website out there. Read and enjoy and build up your anticipation for his Charles Darwin play that will premiere at the Science Museum in the spring!

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Doug Jones said...

Thanks Dave, for mentioning my website. If you would now include my name under either your artist or blogger list (I update classes I'm teaching, and may be starting a blog soon), you will make my week. I love getting to theatre folks quickly and easily; I would love the same, just in case anyone ever wants to get to me.