Sunday, November 23, 2008

Without Delay

My forward-thinking editor at Style informed me on Friday that the general policy is going to be to make theater reviews available online as soon as they have been editted so folks don't have to wait until a Wednesday or two after a show opens to get Mary or my take on things. As such, you can now check out my review of "Bite Me!" and Mary's recap of "The Widow's Blind Date" at the Style website right at this very minute. And of course I strongly encourage you to do so!


Andrew Hamm said...

That is GREAT news! The sooner theatre companies are able to get quotes to pull from reviews, the better we can promote ourselves.

This is, of course, assuming the review is good... ;)

Anonymous said...

The Gay Community Center of Richmond generously offered its space to RTP less than 3 weeks before opening when Highwater Restaurant advised that they were unilaterally cancelling their bilateral agreement with RTP. It was a blessing in disguise because the new space is much better, has backstage space, is more comfortable and has better sightlines than Highwater. But, yes, it is a community center.