Friday, August 08, 2008

Spacing Out

Wow, the response to this awards thing has been pretty amazing. The feedback I have been getting has been just phenomenal – supportive and excited and appreciative. It’s been great and thanks to everyone out there expressing their encouragement for this new little venture.

The biggest grumble I’ve been hearing – and the biggest regret I’m feeling at this point – is the “invitation-only” aspect of the awards event. I am really sorry about this. I wish there were going to be space for the entire theater community – heck, for all of Richmond – at this event. However, when our little group of critics set down this road, we had not much time and even less money to devote to the venture. The logistical and financial overhead of renting a big venue and managing a big event there would have been prohibitive for us to even consider. Our ability to even hold an event at all is largely the result of the Firehouse being generous with their facility and their logistical support.

The Firehouse holds 125 people. We have 64 nominees, 5 critics, and 3 major sponsors. Assuming each brings a significant other, we’re at 144 people. Yikes! However, because some nominees are likely to bring another nominee as their date, some people will come solo, and some people won’t be able to come at all, I think we’ll all make it in. But just barely…

So I do have to apologize to people who want to come and won’t be able to this year. Assuming the event comes off pretty well, next year it’d be great to have it somewhere that could hold a bigger crowd. This year, my thanks go out to the folks at the Firehouse who are helping to make it happen – I hope we don’t bust a seam on Oct. 19th!

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Anonymous said...

Will there be an admission charge? I know this is also a fundraiser for the Actor's Fund. Where will the money come from? Do nominees have to pay to attend?