Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mill Folks and More

I’ve been out of town on vacation for the past week and am only slowly gaining back my ability to string more than two words together in any coherent way. It may take a while to get back into the blogging swing so please bear with me.

While I was gone, I received a few emails from people who are nominated for RTCC awards for shows at Swift Creek Mill. What became apparent very quickly after the nominations were announced was that it was going to be difficult to get in touch with nominees to provide details about the awards. I’ve been working with and through contacts I have at the various theater companies, asking them to get in touch with the actors and artists associated with their productions. Thank you to everyone who has emailed or called me with your information.

If you are listed as one of the nominees and you haven’t been contacted by someone from a theater company or directly by me, please email me at Thanks!

In the coming days, I promise that the blog won’t be all about the RTCC awards. There’s certainly plenty of other stuff to talk about with a great season of theater wrapping up and another amazing season warming up in the wings.

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