Monday, June 18, 2007

No excuses

So I’ve been gone for a while. I expected I might let a week or two slip but I’m shocked that it’s been 5 months. I can’t really come up with a coherent excuse. Life has been busy but it’s always that way, isn’t it? I’ve been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster – my daughter has been applying to high schools and my best friend is leaving town for Atlanta in two weeks, both thing in process since the beginning of the year.

But maybe the most relevant thing to say is that I took a class in Film at U of R this past semester and I have just been more in tune with film for these past several months. As a result, I haven’t seen that many shows, written many pieces for Style, and, worst of all, not kept in touch that well with anyone in the theater world. I’m sorry, folks. Life is like that sometimes; I appreciate your indulgence.

On the flip side, the past couple of weeks have been all about theater for me. I interviewed Bill C. Davis, the playwright of “Austin’s Bridge,” and the director of the production opening at the Firehouse this week. I saw “The Tempest” and “Into the Woods” last week and will be catching “Bridge” this week. I’ll be commenting on all of these separately since I have much to blather on about them all.

But before that, did you happen to catch the Tony Awards recap on the Entertainment Weekly site? I enjoyed it and thought you might too. I really wish I had seen “Spring Awakening” last December though…


Andrew Hamm said...

Wow, that's a seriously concentrated couple weeks of theatre there.

Great to have you back, and nice seeing you at The Tempest.

Frank Creasy said...

Taking off a much-needed afternoon from work following a demanding opening week of The Tempest, it's good to see you back on your blog Dave. I can understand some of the demands that would pull you away from theatre, since I took off more than six months myself last year as BetterHalf (a.k.a. Carol) and I settled into a new home. I'm sure someone out there must have written a play about such demanding times!

Anyway, we are enjoying the start of our production run and yet I look forward to late July when I can see some of my friends strut their stuff in other productions, such as Into the Woods and of course, I wouldn't miss my friends performing in The Odd Couple at the Tavern. Then there's Sleuth, and...thank God for my RAPT discount card or I'd go broke seeing shows!

Welcome back Dave - out of sight, but not out of mind.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Dave! I missed the commentary!