Wednesday, February 01, 2012


My review of "The 39 Steps" is in this week's Style. There's another bit of news in this week's edition that seems to be drawing more attention, however. These are exciting times for all sorts of Timberlines, that's for sure, and I really appreciate all the support folks have been sending our way via Facebook.

My review of "Steps" was inspired at least in part by a comment made by my 8 year old son who went to see the show with me. He said, "that was a funny show but I didn't laugh one time." And that's kind of how I felt: there was a lot of amusing stuff happening but nothing that made me LOL, as it were. The bits I liked the best, as I mentioned in the review, were the fun and clever ways Mr. Width evoked cinematic scenes and the more intimate moments between Mr. Stackhouse and Ms. Strong; I really like the chemistry between those two.

I should say that I believe I may be in the minority as far as my less than ecstatic reaction goes. I spoke with a couple of colleagues last Sunday who were quite taken with the antics of Mr. King and Mr. Creasy. And maybe the dynamics were different on Saturday night, the true opening night, versus Friday night when I went to the show.

Regardless, it's certainly a fun show and I particularly appreciated the performance of Mr. Stackhouse. It's a show worth seeing for that alone, though I would probably also say it's worth seeing for Joe Doran's lighting design alone. The train scenes are just fabulous.

I wish I was in town for "Carnage" this weekend but will definitely catch it at my earliest opportunity. Maybe I can find someplace near where I am to see the movie version as a warm-up.

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