Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Hearts Online

Yesterday I blithely said I wouldn't be attending any live theater in the weeks ahead. Well, call me a big fat liar. I was dim-wittedly forgetting that I'll be seeing the staged reading / singing of the new musical "Hearts Online" at the Firehouse this weekend. Written by Richmond writer and editor Rebecca Elizabeth Jones, the show is a classic romantic comedy brought distinctly into the contemporary world of online dating. It's a very promising script and score (by Paul Bartsch) and, thanks to director Billy Christopher Maupin, the cast for this staging is full of exceptional talents, headlined by the soon-to-be Eliza Doolittle Stacey Cabaj. How can you pass that up?

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Thespis' Little Helper said...

And Cooper is totally adorable and hysterical as the 12-year-old pretending to be a 51-year-old online to get his dad a date! And sings one of my favorite songs in the show!