Friday, April 01, 2011

Oh My

I'm feeling totally disoriented today. Drove through the night to get back from NYC and am at work running on about 2 hours sleep. That doesn't explain why blogger keeps screwing up my posts -- won't put line feeds and returns in when I copy and paste text. Very frustrating. It also doesn't explain why on Wednesday I called "Something Intangible" by the name "Something to Ponder." Don't know where my head was at. Adding to the delirium are the scenes from "Spider-man: Turn off the dark" running through my head, alternating with the song "Loser Like Me" from "Glee" that I was playing on the CD during the drive home.

One reason I was playing the "Glee" songs (besides keeping me awake) was because there wasn't a single song from "Spider-man" that stuck in my head; most were significantly melody deprived. I had to fill the void with something. I'll have more to say about Spidey when I collect my thoughts but I'll give this quick capsule: The production had some of the most amazing aerial work I have ever seen and the many millions of dollars that went into the production are plain to see in the sets, lights, costumes, and general spectacle. There are about 3 scenes in the show that stick out as among the most awe-inspiring I've ever seen.

Having said that, the second act of the show is just dreadful. Weird things happen that are only vaguely explained, if at all, and the denouement is among the most disappointing ever. It certainly wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. But it was not great, and only better than good because of the eye-popping technology and design work. Off to take a nap...have a great weekend!

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