Monday, August 30, 2010

Nominees for the 2010 Richmond Theatre Critics Circle Awards

The nominees have been chosen!

As with previous years, this list is going to make some people happy, others sad, and many confused. There is plenty of time for more commentary on all of that sometime soon. I’d like to extend my congratulations to everyone listed below but also let everyone else know that there were some very hard choices made to assemble this list. And a couple of categories where deadlocks could simply not be broken, which is why you'll see 7 nominees in the Best Actor in a Play category. Even so, several worthy people and productions were left off.

The participation of Dan Sherrier from the Hanover Herald-Progress and Rich Griset from Style broadened the collective perspective the RTCC brought to the process. But that still doesn’t make it perfect. We continue to strive to improve and be as inclusive and representative as we can. There were some really exceptional productions this year. These awards continue to be a vehicle for recognizing those while at the same time celebrating the breadth and depth of the entire Richmond theater scene.

The awards gala will be at the Empire Theatre again this year, 7pm on Sunday, Oct. 17th. Tickets are now available for $15 on the Barksdale and Theatre IV websites. Hope to see everyone there!

And the nominees are...

Best Musical
Rent (Firehouse Theatre Project)
Scrooge in Rouge (Richmond Triangle Players)
The Sound of Music (Barksdale)
Souvenir (Barksdale)
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Barksdale)

(“The Sound of Music” is referred to as “SOM” hereafter, “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” as “Putnam”)

Best Direction (Musical)
John Glenn, Souvenir
Chase Kniffen, A Christmas Carol
Chase Kniffen, SOM
Steve Perigard, Putnam
Shon Stacy, Scrooge in Rouge

Best Actor (Musical)
Ford Flanagan, Putnam
Joe Inscoe, A Christmas Carol
Jonathan Spivey, Souvenir
Eric Stallings, Putnam
Durron Tyre, Rent

Best Actress (Musical)
Stacey Cabaj, SOM
Lauren Leinhaas-Cook, Scrooge in Rouge
Joy Newsome, Rent
Debra Wagoner, Souvenir
Aly Wepplo, Putnam

Best Supporting Actor (Musical)
Steve Bochen, Scrooge in Rouge
Michael Hawke, SOM
David Janeski, A Christmas Carol
Matt Shofner, Putnam
Antonio Tillman, Rent

Best Supporting Actress (Musical)
Jaci Camden, Rent
Kara Harmon, SOM
Audra Honaker, Putnam
Susan Sanford, SOM
Debra Wagoner, Putnam

Best Musical Direction
Sandy Dacus, SOM
Deborah Lynch, Scrooge in Rouge
Jason Marks, A Christmas Carol
Leilani Mork, Rent
R.L. Rowsey, Souvenir

Best Choreography
Willie Hilton, Black Nativity
Ana Ines King, Boleros for the Disenchanted
Maggie Marlin, Rent

Best Play
Boleros for the Disenchanted (Barksdale Theatre)
Fool for Love (Cadence Theatre Company)
Take Me Out (Richmond Triangle Players)
Shining City (Henley Street Theatre Company)
Servant of Two Masters (Henley Street Theatre Company)

(“Boleros for the Disenchanted” is referred to as “Boleros” hereafter. “Servant of Two Masters” as “SOTM.”)

Best Direction – Play
Julie Fulcher-Davis, Facing East
Bruce Miller, Boleros
James Ricks, SOTM
Scott Wichmann, Take Me Out
Bo Wilson, Shining City

Best Actor – Play
Matthew Bloch, Butterflies are Free
Ronnie Brown, Take Me Out
Jeffrey Cole, The Crucible
Matt Hackman, Take Me Out
Joe Inscoe, Shining City
Richard Koch, SOTM
Robert Zukerman, Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll

Best Actress – Play
Patricia Duran, Boleros
Kelly Kennedy, On Golden Pond
Cynde Liffick, Elizabeth Rex
Jennie Meharg, A Doll's House
Melissa Johnston Price, Facing East

Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Play
Gordon Bass, Fool for Love
Larry Cook, Shining City
Jimmy Glidden, Take Me Out
Joe Pabst, Is He Dead?
Eric Williams, Bus Stop

Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Play
Christina Billew, SOTM
Jacqueline Jones, New Century
Maggie Marlin, Boy's Life
Jody Strickler, Greetings
Carmen Zilles, Boleros

Best Ensemble Acting
A Doll's House, Henley Street Theatre
The Crucible, Sycamore Rouge
Jar the Floor, Sycamore Rouge
Crowns, AART / Barksdale
The Mystery of Irma Vep, Swift Creek Mill Theatre

Best Locally-Developed Work
A Christmas Carol (Theatre IV)
Full Plate Collection (Independent)
Jack in the Beanstalk (Theatre IV)
Song of Mulan (Theatre IV)

Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design
Lindy Bumgarner, The Crucible
Rebecca Cairns, SOTM
Rebecca Cairns & Ann Hoskins, Twelfth Night
Sarah Grady, SOM
Sue Griffin, Souvenir

Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Design
Brittany Diliberto, The Crucible
Joe Doran, Mystery of Irma Vep
Lynne Hartman, Boleros
Lynne Hartman, SOM
David McLain, Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll

Outstanding Achievement in Set Design
Brian Barker, Boleros
Brian Barker, SOM
Eric Kinder, I'm Not Rappaport
Betsy Muller, Is He Dead?
Terrie and David Powers, On Golden Pond
Keith Saine, The Crucible

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design
Derek Dumais, SOM
Derek Dumais, Putnam
Julie Fulcher-Davis, Take Me Out
Steve Organ, Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll
Brett Zwerdling, SOTM

Liz Marks Memorial Award for Ongoing Contribution to Richmond Area Theater
Neil and Sara Belle November


philcrosby said...

Richmond Triangle Players is really proud of its 14 RTCC nominations. Our thanks to the committee! We look forward to seeing everyone on Oct 17!

To you forever from me to you said...

While I am proud of all nominees it is my opinion that the Critics circle has a very narrow minded scope of theatrical activity in the city of Richmond one that seems relegated to the more "mainstream" companies, and would benefit from attending those productions which skirt along the fringe. The Conciliation Project has developed three original works in as many years and has only been mentioned by one of the many critics that belong to this circle, though having performed at the Firehouse, Sycamore Rouge, in churches, shelters, the Empire Theatre every year for the past 5 years. Their work is challenging, dynamic, and often commissioned by local organizations to aide in the education and and problem solving of social injustices, and has two new commissioned pieces in process right now. Night collective continues to challenge the theatrical medium and produce exhilarating works that are experimental in both form and content. Working at site specific locations with unheralded works, and rein-visioning classics with 21st century perspectives.

I understand there is so much to see, and those members that comprise the circle have other jobs, responsibilities, families, etc.; however if there is to be a true celebration of the theatrical medium in Richmond, one that hopefully awards that of the finest execution, and is not arbitrary in its selection, then there should be a more comprehensive attendance. said...

I wish, as always, that I'd seen more of the these great plays and performances. I don't care who wins as long as nominees get to take home that little jar of Duke's Mayonnaise... I know they're called the Artsies, but I like to think of nominations as "The Dukies." I keep these little jars of cholesterol-filled goodness in my trophy case and treasure them! I add the name of the play and the year of nomination in Sharpie. It's important that we all remember that this is a celebration of Richmond theatre and a fundraiser for the theatre fund. Congratulations to all the nominees!

Anonymous said...

I want to extend a congratulations to everyone nominated for an award! But I also want to extend a hearty thank you to the critics who put this whole thing together. Dave, Mary, Susan, Julinda, John, Joan, etc. you folks are our advocates and (some of us) really appreciate you spending the time to put it all together.

One last thank you... Neil and Sara Belle... I can think of no people more deserving than these fine folks. I got to know them pretty well, to the point that Neil gives me a good natured insult whenever I see him and I just want to say that they are a very giving couple and it is about time our theatre community recongized them for it.

Kerry McGee said...

I can't help but to agree with Joe. The people and productions on this list very much deserve to be there, but many of the most intereseting and compelling shows I've seen here in Richmond are not associated with any of the mainstream companies. In order for Richmond to be considered a successful theatre town, the artists and critics need to acknowledge and support their fringe theatre. What's wonderful is that there has been little bits of help here and there (this blog has certainly served as one), but as always, more can be done. As a community, we should be supporting these productions that may not have the advertising revenue to do it all on their own with our attendence, our word of mouth, and at the very least, our attention.

elise said...

I very much agree with Kerry and Joe. I, like many others, am more than grateful for the honor of being nominated, and do think that there should be a more encompassing look at theatre in Richmond and, if I may say so, the surrounding areas. I also agree with Keri that the Artsies are a great way to get together to SUPPORT each other, and who doesn't want free Duke's? Mayhaps this annual event can be a coming together of Brook's Deadly, Rough, Holy and Immediate theatres, growing with and learning from each other. The only way to facilitate a growing and thriving performance community is to support and PROMOTE one another.