Thursday, June 23, 2011


Don’t let this blog post’s title put you off; after all, leftovers are sometimes the tastiest dish of the week, right?

Here’s an overdue link to the T-D review of “Wait Until Dark,” a qualified recommendation, I’d say. There’s also a little preview of “Wait” in this week’s Style which seemed to celebrate my absence by printing a virtual cavalcade of theater-related stories: you have Mr. Griset’s review of “Lear,” Ms. Burruss’s preview of “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” focusing on Mr. McCarthy, and a spot by Ms. Lehman-Rios about SPARC’s 30th Anniversary Gala (big question: will Jason Mraz show? My bet: no).

As you undoubtedly know, “Scoundrels” is in previews until this weekend, a fact that dusted up a little bit of a brouhaha over at the Barksdale Blog. My question: is a small brouhaha just a brouha? Or is that just the sound I make on Friday after my visit to the local Beer & Wine shop: “Brew! Ah….”

Also in the category of leftovers, I forgot to mention one other story I wrote while out on the left coast. I saw a staging of the straight play of “Spring Awakening” and wrote this piece comparing it to the musical, using Jonathan Franzen’s criticism of the musical as my hook. While it’s another story spurred by the Fringe festival, it has some nominal interest to those who might be “Spring Awakening” fans (I know y’all are out there!)

I met a big “Spring Awakening” fan as part of the NEA fellowship, an enthusiastic and smart young guy named Jesse North. He did this webshow during the program, notable mostly for its fun tone and great production values, but also for subsuming the little snippet I did on “what is devised theater?” In his regular life, Jesse runs the website which has become one of my regular stops in my perusal of Broadway-related news and that I would recommend to you as well.

Speaking of Broadway, didja hear about the folks at “How to Succeed in Business…” cancelling their performance yesterday because of a stagehand’s overdose? The event seems to beg for snarkiness in the face of tragedy but as a former backstage-r myself, all I can say is “Yikes” and my thoughts go out to the poor guy’s family.

Teaser: Check this space tomorrow for some great news, not just for me but for the whole local theater community. Really!

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